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Load situations, mourning, crises situations (divorce, death, job loss)

There are situations, in which the challenges of the life cannot be mastered any longer alone. Fears, feelings of powerlessness, in addition, mourning and anger determine the everyday life. The existence seems to turn out of control.

Exterior of circumstances, like a number of negative and loading events, e.g. a forthcoming or straight carried out separation, illness or the death of loved humans can be the cause.

These difficult life situations do not have to be mastered alone. It is not an indication of weakness or failure to look for support and company. Sometimes few therapy hours are already sufficient to develop some distance to the current situation and to experience relief. The sensation to feel the own strength and to find a handling for the present situation, which leads out of the helplessness, can be a goal for a psychotherapeutic company or a Coaching.